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Hi, my name is Danny Ray, founder of The main focus of this mentorship is to assist the telesales life insurance agent to get to the next level. In fact, if you are new to telesales or if you are a veteran that just hasn’t pierced the next level of success, this mentorship will give you the tools to get there!

I have been in telesales for over 29 years. I have always been a top producer in anything I have sold over the phone. For instance, I have sold stocks, currency, gold, coins, mortgages, debt consolidation, loan modifications and the last 10 years life insurance over the phone. Above all, I have always used the same concepts, the same structure, the same tricks of the trade to be successful and be a top producer.

These tools that you will be taught allowed me to have personal records of 21 applications in a day, 63 in a week, and 156 in a month!!

Yes, this will be the same tools you will be handed to you to get you to the next level.

Again, I know that your wants and needs will be different depending where you are in your career, so I have tailored made this program at different levels for your specific needs.

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